Monday, 4 February 2013

This certainly doesn't happen every day

Usually, I'm a modest man with (as Winston Churchill snidely said of Clement Atlee), 'much to be modest about'. But today, indulge me for a moment:

Why such levity? 

I just got a note from the editor of an international journal which has accepted a paper what I wrote. One of the readers called it 'superb' and she said:
Excellent piece, by the way. I'm proud to be publishing it.
This is not normal. I find writing very difficult. Well, not blogging, obviously, but I really do find research and academic writing stressful and expect to be laughed out of town whenever I try any. There's always more to read, everyone else is so accomplished and I always feel like an interloper. 

But not today. Though obviously the words 'they're just being nice to you because you're so useless and they didn't have enough submissions' are thundering around my cranium.  


ed said...

Nice one Voley!

Anonymous said...


When will it be published? And were?

The Plashing Vole said...

International Journal of Welsh Writing in English. May, I think,