Monday, 9 January 2012

What I did on my holidays!

My chance to bore you with more photos - from a short break walking in beautiful Shropshire: Church Stretton, Caer Caradoc, the Lawley, the Long Mynd and Craven Arms. Full set here, or click on these samples for larger versions.

The Lawley from the top of Caer Caradoc. They're both pretty steep and stick out of the Shropshire plain like humpback whales. 

Some mushrooms. Or toadstools. I don't know. 

Abandoned Ford Capri. 

The spine of The Lawley with The Wrekin in the distance

I took a lot of pictures of the multitude of buzzards. This poor effort is the best of the lot. I really need a faster lens of 300mm or more. My 55-200mm just doesn't cut it for this sort of photography.

Sunset over Caer Caradoc


Grumpy Bob said...

Formally, there's no difference between mushrooms and toadstools, though the latter is used rather pejoratively.

Hunting mushrooms for eating was something of a hobby when I lived in Scotland. Less so now I'm in southern England.

capri23 said...

wheres the ford capri

jrooney1991 said...

Hello there! Just seen your picture of the Ford Capri, and was wondering if it would be ok to use this image in a blog of my own all about capri ownership?

Please contact me on:

Many thanks,


Anonymous said...

Please could you tell me where the capri was as this was stolen from me in 1993 please could you contact me on 07852753173 thanks