Wednesday, 20 April 2011

My summer music hits

They told me in the record shop that this lot sound like Galaxie 500. Feldberg very much don't sound like Galaxie 500: much more like St. Etienne. But they're still very good. I nominate these Icelanders as my album of the holiday.

This is what Galaxie 500 sound like: this is their cover of the Velvets' 'Here She Comes Now'.

They're one of my favourite bands ever. They're successor band, Damon and Naomi, also wrote a song called 'The New Historicism', which I think is cool. Add that to Scritti Politti's 'Jacques Derrida' and we've got the beginnings of a critical theory soundtrack!


ed said...

What's a 'record shop'?

The Plashing Vole said...

It's not for the likes of you!

Benjamin. said...

Guardian: 'All universities to charge undergraduates at least £6,000'. Well done Lib Dems & Dave Willetts, you'll burn for this.

Come on Vole where's your blog on the matter?