Friday, 1 April 2011

Another august institution falls…

So farewell, The Daily Sport. The 'newspaper' for those too lazy to go online for porn, and too illiterate even for The Star or The Sun. Famed for your front page 'nipple count' and even - in the distant past - viewed with affection for your famously bonkers made-up stories, such as World War Two Bomber Found On Moon, until the pornography took over.

And now you've gone bust. Tens of teenage boys mourn. Despicable as the Sport titles are, they do represent the kind of cheeky Carry On sniggering for which the British are famous.


Nance said...

In the States, we have The Enquirer, which was beneath the notice of the literate public until they outed John Edwards during his presidential nomination campaign. Now, we'll never be rid of them. And neither will Edwards.

The Plashing Vole said...

HI Nance.
At least The Enquirer got something right: as far as I remember, the mainstream press in the US snobbishly refused to touch the story. The Sport never deigned to print actual news!